“The bike light that saved my life”

“My Laserlight definitely saved me from a serious accident earlier this year, the big 4wd stopped just 6 inches short of me, totally unsighted except for seeing my laser. It is worth every penny.”

David Wynter, London, UK

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“Fall is here and I feel a little less inclined to bike to work in the chilly mornings and bike home when it’s dark out. I got the Blaze Laserlight as a gift and it breathed new excitement into my routine. Now I look forward to commuting on my bike.”

Maggie Georgieva, Boston, USA

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“Easily the best money I’ve ever spent.
I finally feel safe and visible when cycling home late at night. It’s like having a little green guardian angel all the way home. Barely a day goes by without other cyclists asking where they can get one too.”

Callum Wyllie, London, UK

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“It’s the most social bike light! I’ve had cabbies giving me the thumbs up and a lorry driver shouted out ‘awesome light!’ at a junction. Drivers definitely notice it, it’s great.”

Pia Bouquien, Paris, France

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“It was like the sea parted. Cars gave me extra
room and pedestrians froze in their tracks.”

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“Easily the best money I’ve ever spent. It’s like wearing a disco ball. People turn their heads and points. It’s like wielding a huge sign saying ‘Here I come!'”

Joachim Hölstöf, Stockholm, Sweden

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“I use the Blaze laserlight because it substantially increases my ‘size’ on the road. Cars have no choice but to notice me. And they do. It makes me feel more confident about my safety- plus it looks great.”

Jeremy Francis, Trinidad

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“Safety aside, the laser is just loads of fun! I’ve delighted pedestrians as well as making them pause before crossing a road and its certainly flagged my presence with cars.”

Jess Strangward, London, UK

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“I figured with all the visual clutter of the city, nobody would even notice the laser. Boy was I wrong. It was like the sea parted. Cars gave me extra room and pedestrians froze in their tracks.”

Jefferson McCarley, San Francisco, CA

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