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The Laserlight’s projection improves the experience of urban cycling through increasing riders' visibility. Bike share-specific capabilities include tracking usage, distance travelled and pollution levels, as well as data analysis.

The insights delivered enable cycle schemes to increase efficiency, adoption and satisfaction. More than a projection, the Laserlight is the technology platform for bike share schemes everywhere.

Laser Technology

Patented laser projection improves the visibility of cyclists


Works in combination with the existing on board electronics or configured as a complete system

Auto on/off

Integrated light sensor manages activation of the laser projection to optimise power usage

No additional power

Runs off variety of common dynamos, requiring no additional power source

Data collection and communication

Distance tracking information gathered and communicated to enable preventative maintenance

Simple installation

Can be retrofitted to existing hire scheme cycles

Flexible operation

Customisable projection, flashing sequences, intensity and light sensitivity settings


IP56 waterproof and dustproof rating

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See the Laserlight in action

London. New York.

In late 2015, Transport for London (TfL) incorporated the Blaze Laserlight into bicycles available to the public under the Santander London Cycle Hire scheme administered by Serco, as an additional safety feature for customers.

In January 2017, Motivate and Citi Bike New York announced the rollout of 250 bikes fitted with Laserlights to encourage bike equity through safer streets.

Proven Effectiveness


Visibility with a standard LED light at night
Visibility with a standard LED light at night


Visibility with a Blaze laser at night
Visibility with a Blaze laser at night
High Visibility
High Visibility
Blind Spot
Blind Spot

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